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Lee: Shouldn't you be out stealing the last can of Who hash?
Mrs. McCluskey: Wanna see me go all "Grinch" on your ass?

Daphne: Hey, wait up, I wanna go with you.
Jeff: Can't I have one moment of peace?
Daphne: Our therapist said we need to do more stuff together.
Jeff: I know, that's why I don't go to the therapist with you.
Daphne: Oh, come on, would it kill you to spend some time with the woman you love?
Jeff: I don't know, would you be upset if I brought her?
Daphne: As long as she doesn't deflate in the plane!

Lynette: Gaby, please, talk to me, I feel just awful.
Gabrielle: You know why? Because you are awful. You're an awful person.
Lynette: Ok, you have every right to be mad at me.
Gabrielle: Thanks, Lynette. And you have every right to go to hell. Stop talking to me!

Angie: Mona, can we talk about this? Don't do this, you are screwing with people's lives and this could blow up in your face.
Mona: 67 thousand by tomorrow, or I call the police.

Bree: For what is worth, I am sorry it had to end this way.
Orson: Me too. These scones you made are delicious. I'll miss them.

Susan: There's Katherine's room. Now, you might hear some screams for help in there, ignore them.
Bob: Is this what you meant by "I'll behave calmly and rationally"?
Susan: That was just to get you to unlock the car door.

Tom: It'll be ok, I'm looking for a job, and in the meantime we've got enough money to live on for the next... four months.
Lynette: So we'll run out right before the babies are born.
Tom: Yes. But remember, kids never miss what they never had.
Lynette: Ah, like food, clothing, a sober mother.

Carlos: Damn it!
Gabrielle: Whatever it is, I can explain.

Bob: I can't believe they wouldn't let you sing with them.
Lee: It's their group, they can do whatever they want. Whores.

Karl, when we began this affaire, we agreed to be discreet. Do you know what discreet means? No skywriting!


Oh, crap. Who's dead now?


Wanna see me go all Grinch on your ass?

Mrs. McCluskey
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Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Oh, crap. Who's dead now?


Wanna see me go all Grinch on your ass?

Mrs. McCluskey