I hate Susan Mayer. Everytime I see those big doe eyes of hers, I swear to God I just want to go out and shoot a deer


Yao Lin: I hate lying.
Gabrielle: Yeah, well, I hate your ironing, so there

Andrew, I'm curious. When you fantasize about this woman, do you ever stop to think how she came to be on this runway? That's someone's little girl. And that someone probably had a lot of dreams for her. Dreams that did not include a thong... and a pole...


Ah, Susan. Being coy is a strategy best employed by virgins at
their first dance, for women of our age it's just annoying


I used to run a company with 85 people, and now I can't even wrangle two kids without doping them?


John: You want me to mow the lawn wearing sandals? I'd lose a toe.
Gabrielle: You'll lose more than that if Carlos finds out you're trimming more than the hedges

Andrew: You went in my room?
Bree: You think that's bad? Tomorrow, I'm cleaning it

Gabrielle: I love taking baths. Especially with you. It's like taking a vacation from the world.
John: I hated taking baths when I was a kid. Course back then, the only thing I had to play with was my rubber ducky

Julie [about Mike]: I still don't understand why you don't just ask him out on an 'official date' date.
Susan: I'm trying a new strategy. I'm playing hard to get.
Julie: How long do you think you can keep that up?
Susan: Oh, maybe until noon. Then I'm going to have to run over there and beg him to love me

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