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Take care of personal stuff, Dexter. Take very good care.


Rita: A bread maker?
Dexter: We're always running out of bread.
Rita: We're always running out of milk, too. Did you get me a cow, too?

Rita: When he does talk to me, it's all lies, all the time.
Dexter: Not... all the time.

Laguerta: You hate sitting behind a desk.
Angel: But I love being with you.

Dexter: How do you know so much about hammers?
Vince: Not a tool I haven't played with, my friend.

Camouflage is nature's craftiest trick.

I need a partner, Dexter. Someone I can trust. Unless you can be completely honest with me, I don't want to do this anymore.


Trinity is a husband... a father. He's... like me.

The most disturbing thing about you lying is that I'm beginning to see how good you are at it.

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