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Sometimes Cora, you can be curiously unfeeling.

Lord Grantham

It will take a man who is more than I am now to follow you. So don't think about me.


Matthew: If I thought for a moment that I was an argument against your marriage, I should jump into the nearest river.
Mary: And how would you manage that without my help?
Matthew: Well, I'd get you to push me in.

Patrick: Did I love her very much?
Edith: I'm not the one to ask.
Patrick: Because you were the one who loved really loved me, you mean?
Edith: I never thought Patrick knew.
Patrick: Well, he did. I do.

Mr. Carson: Men will always be men, but for any young woman to let her judgement so desert her...
Lady Grantham: She's not the first lady to be taken in by a uniform, and don't worry, Carson, the baby will ensure she pays the price.

Thomas: Are your suggesting the black market, Mrs. Padmore? I'm quite shocked.
Mrs. Padmore: Oh, I doubt that very much.

I'm an American. I don't share your English hatred of comfort.

Lady Grantham

You made me a liar while he were alive. You'll not make me false to his memory.


Mrs. O'Brien: I'm not jealous. I just don't want it to spoil things.
Bates: Why, because we've all been such pals untl now?

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