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Well, Mrs. Bates. You've had your way with me. I only hope you don't come to regret it.

Mr. Bates

Cora: We're all right, aren't we Robert?
Robert: Of course we are.

Richard: You say the chauffeur is gone, so at least I could drive the car.
Mary: Hopefully over the chauffeur.

I do have some self worth. Just not enough to make you marry the wrong person.


I'm a little person. An ordinary person. And when I saw you and Mary together, I thought how fine, how right you were together.


You never know people, do ya? You can work with people for 20 years and never know them at all.

Mrs. Padmore

If you're turning American on me, then I'll go downstairs.


Violet: What news of Sybil?
Edith: She's in with Papa now.
Violet: I'm afraid it will end in tears.
Sybil: Maybe, but they won't be Sybil's.

Branson: Lady Sybil and I are getting married.
Carson: Have you no shame?

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