Carter: I need to put this on the mine where your head is.
Fargo: But my head is where my head is.
Carter: This will help keep it there.

Geek talk.... So hot!


That's it? I came to Eureka and all I got was this stupid fence?


Grant: I think it might be a quantum-chromo-dynamic-confinement-anomaly.
Carter: Now you're just stringing words together.

Claudia: You can trust me, I was a campfire girl.
Fargo: Please tell me you kept the uniform.... For posterity.

Fargo: One day of getting to look like I know what I am doing, is that too much to ask for?
Carter: Evidently.

Claudia: This is Eureka, I was kind of hoping to see something insanely weird.
Carter: Consider yourself lucky.

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