Fargo: Gang way! [stabs flag in ground] First!
Zane: That's mature
Fargo: Douglas Fargo, first human being on Titan baby!
Grace: I don't think so, this says the atmosphere is oxegen rich.

Hey folks, welcome back.. Quarantine everything.


Allison: Were back, but it's only been a few minutes, Andy going a bit overboard with the protocols.
Carter: You've been gone a little longer than that.
Allison: How Long?
Carter: Four years.

Zane: Man, can't we talk about this
Andy: I think we're done talking.
Lupo: Agreed [zaps Andy]. Ready to get out of here?
Zane: You've no idea.

Fargo: What the frakk happened?
Zane: Carter stole my girlfriend.
Fargo: Really?
Carter: No, well yea... ZANE, bigger issues!

Ahh (squeal) that was so creepy!

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