Eureka Review: Which Way To Titan?

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When we last visited the residents of Eureka in September, the Astraeus had launched early with Allison still aboard, leaving Carter to ask: Where did they go?

In this week’s season premiere - "Lost" - we learned the answer: Earth. Ah, but not just any Earth, they found themselves back on Earth with four years having passed since the launch. 

Eureka Season 5 Premiere Scene

Did anyone else catch the nod to a certain ABC series with the sound effects that played when going to commercial? If you were a fan of the show you might have noticed. Kudos to Jamie Paglia and his team for the subtle, yet fun, addition. 

As for the biggest change in four years? It was a toss-up for me between S.A.R.A.H. & Andy(s) being in charge and Carter being with Lupo. For the first, I really liked how Andy kept his charm, but then this streak of “evil” would wash over him and he would do something mean. 

Kavan Smith doesn’t get enough credit for the amazing work he does portraying Andy. Kavan was the second person to portray Deputy Andy, but clearly he has been the best. This episode really took the training wheels off for Andy, as Kavan had to portray multiple versions in the same scene.

As for Carter and Lupo being together, I knew something was up when Vincent was urging Lupo to do “something” behind Zane’s back. Adding that to Carter dashing in and hiding a bra in the couch.... and I figured out they were “together” before it was said. 

Honestly, this was the one element with which I had the most trouble. Apparently I’m a die-hard romantic at heart and the idea that Carter would have given up on Allison just didn't sit with me. Don’t get me wrong, both Ferguson and Cerra did a great job displaying affection and familiarity that would come with being together for a few years. I just couldn't accept it.

And I was right not to! The reveal at the end of the episode where we find out that the crew is in a virtual world akin to the Matrix allowed me to do a little cheer for Allison and Carter! I’m sure we all suspected something was up, given the tip off earlier in the hour when Zane was seeing flashes of people. 

Beverley Barlow is like a bad penny, she just won't stay gone. Now she has some of the greatest minds in Eureka working for her without knowing it? Oh, this bitch needs to pay! Let's just hope that Jack, Henry and the rest of Eureka can figure out where the Astraeus really is!

In conclusion, it was a good episode and I’m thrilled to have one of my favorite summer shows back a little early, even if it is bittersweet being the beginning of the final season. Be sure and check out our Eureka quotes to see if your favorite from the premiere made it in!


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Step right up for the shark jumping extravaganza.
As much as I have loved this show, with the first three eps of this final season under my belt, I can honestly say it deserves to die. It's as though the writers, knowing it was done, just gave in to a bunch of formula BS.
It's been a good run, but I won't miss it like I thought I would.


For those worried that this is going to last the whole season, there's no need to fear. This storyline is only going to last the first 3 episodes. Then we have 11 more to look forward to that we don't know anything about.


I thought the flashes meant they might have been captive and brainwashed for the 4 years duration, and seeing how the writers like to reboot Eureka, I thought it was an unexpected and interesting way to do yet another season start reboot.
And although things seemed fishy, Ferguson's delivery was spotless.
Can't wait to see the rest of the episodes and where they're going with this.


"Did i miss something or is that yet to be revealed?" You must have missed the episode where Pam wakes up and Bobby is stepping out of the shower and she figures out that the entire previous season was merely a dream.
Or am I thinking of something else.
Oh sorry, that's right, it was the episode where the girl gets knocked out during a tornado and when she wakes up she realizes that she never really went to Oz.... At any rate I was enjoying the episode right up until the end when we find out that nothing we have seen, nothing we wrapped our heads around, were actually happening. It was all a dream.
Cheap, trite, inexcusably lazy plot device.
Deus ex machina, the bane of Sci Fi.


Certain ABC series? Huh?
Nikki,hawthorne? Huh?
Yes, seriously love this show. Every time SlyFy does this I swear I am not going to watch this channel anymore. I mean, wrestling & ghost hunting $ crappy formula movies? Ah well, what can one do?
Enjoy while available!


@nikki, give it a couple more episodes - let's see where this Matrix thing goes.


So excited for Eureka's return even though it a short season. How are they going to wrap up this great series?!


I love Eureka, but the powerful and still greatest episode, the season one finale hangs over this show like the guillotine.


I was upset by the carter / jo hookup. This was just like hawthorne everyone waited for her and the doc to finally connect and when we get this the writers screwed the show by making her cheat with another man not even withn a month of their marriage, causing the fans to lose faith in the show, and it got cancelled after that. carter and allison have been dancing around each other for so long it was great to see them finally get together.Why do the writers always stop romance and split the couples everytime,relationships do exist on tv and last but not with these newer shows. romance is gone now for me


Interesting. I watched the ep twice and didn't pick up that it was a lab that Zane was seeing after he was shot by Martha. The "we're losing him" comment during that scene takes on different meaning if it was Beverly speaking rather than (as I thought) Allison. Maybe the mind hold on the crew can be broken. I wonder too about Beverly's comment on the end that suggested the crew themselves were contributing to the creation of the 'alternate reality.' Could be a lot of it reflected their own fears--Allison and Zane about losing Carter and Jo, Fargo about losing control of GD, etc. I'd wish for the episodes to come faster, but then it will be over :-(

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Eureka Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Fargo: What the frakk happened?
Zane: Carter stole my girlfriend.
Fargo: Really?
Carter: No, well yea... ZANE, bigger issues!

Ahh (squeal) that was so creepy!