Ok, first, my PDA has a camera, and second, black holes are everywhere... People need to know these things!!


I'll be seeing ya Carter


Fargo: Hey Issac, you are part of the mission, your stasis gel makes all the difference
Parrish: Thanks Doug, try not to die up there.

Fargo: I love you
Holly: Oh, I see
Fargo: Is that a good Oh I see, or a How do I tell this guy to back off Oh I see?
Holly: It's a How did I get this lucky.

Allison: The point is, black holes in Eureka.... BAD.
Jack: See! That I get!

Jo, you hate jobs like this. Have you met you?!


We didn't do anything, your little deathray nearly killed Faux-bama


Jo: We have to assume this was an assassination attempt.
Jack: Or that this is Eureka and laser things happen all the time.

Dr Fargo, are you suggesting we join the billion-mile high club?

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