Eureka Season Finale Review: Down with Cliffhangers!

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The season finale of Eureka took "One Giant Leap" towards annoying fans by leaving us wondering where the Astraeus crew is and if Allison survived.

Seriously, I hate cliff-hanger season finales. The time when you needed this type of conclusion to bring people back to a show has gone the way of the rotary dial phone and pagers. 

Eureka Summer Finale Scene

With the Internet, video streaming, and social media, we no longer put a series on the shelf in May and wade through reruns all summer until the fall premiere comes around. We're always discussing it anyway. There's no need to tease us in such a manner.

That’s not to say you can’t have any cliff-hangers in your story, you can wrap up a season-long arc and still leave hooks to tie into the next season. If you need an example, look at last year’s mid-season finale, "
I'll Be Seeing You." It was so well done and balanced, setting hooks while also concluding various angles, that it received my first ever perfect rating.

So, Mr. Paglia, count me among the disappointed that you didn’t have the same faith in us this year you had in us in 2010.

Now, with that out of my system, let’s go over what was great about this episode. My favorite geeky couple, Holly and Fargo, not only finally hooked up, but Fargo dropped the L-word and Holly replied with a big kiss and a butt squeeze! You go, Holly!

It was nice that Jo pointed out to Fargo that while he might not have gotten the job as Director in this time line, he certainly had grown into the role and was doing a great job. 

Also, Allison decided to move in with Jack. I loved that Kevin’s only concern was if SARAH would clean his room. You just never know what kids are going to latch on to as the one big thing when you talk about life changes. I was thrilled Kevin wasn’t worried about Jack.

I really liked that Jo decided to go on a “walk-about” to find herself. The realization that everything you have been doing was to prove something to others is a tough one. We all must find ourselves in our own way. I'm excited to see where her character goes next season.

Finally, I was touched by the plaque that was neatly placed by the lake for R. Petrovicz. For those who don’t know, Petrovicz was a producer on Eureka and was co-executive producer on the episode ("Founders Day") that opened season four.

To all the cast and crew of Eureka, I am truly sorry you lost a friend and family member and I’m honored to recognize the name and know what the plaque was for. It's small things like this that make us miss you all so much. Just another example of why you don’t need any lame cliff-hangers. 

See you in 2012 for season five!


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I just finished season 4.5, thanks to Netflix, and I absolutely loved the end of this season, so much so that I'm watching it a second time for clues! Senator Wen's arrival felt rather ominous to me. What a creepy tone of voice she had when greeting Henry. I thought that Wen behaved most strangely when Henry stopped the launch count-down clock due to the black hole. Perhaps the Aestraus team was late with getting into their biostasis pods, and Allison out of the launching room, because Beverly had programmed her takeover in synch with the original count-down clock. It's possible that the entire time that GD was on 'hold,' Beverly's clock was still running. Also, did anyone else find it suspicious that there wasn't a more serious reaction to the special guest, Faux 'Bama, nearly being sliced in two by a giant laser beam? Perhaps Senator Wen and Beverly staged this special advanced-team visit as a distraction? Wouldn't it be great if Dr. Grant came back to help solve the kidnapping? Too many thoughts...!


This was a good episode! It answered so many questions, and left us only with a purely dramatic cliffhanger 'till next season. Its this bond to the characters on TV that makes the format so interesting, and with only one season left, I think it was a fantastic season ender. On almost all other emotional aspects (Holly + Fargo, Allison + Carter, Jo, Zane, etc) it was an anti-cliffhanger. It might leave us viewers with a frustration pang, but I think its a really great and purely television-related emotion, and is not in of itself a bad thing. TV might be the only format (aside from maybe a long book series, where the delays between stories are enndddddleeeesssssssss) that has that kind of power to make us care, and personallly, I can't wait to see what's happened. This stuff is the bomb :) What a great show.
And how cool is it that Jaime Paglia answered your review?


Have we been given a reason they are canceling it, because I haven't heard it. I am so disappointed with the Science Fiction channel. Eureka is so different and well written. I also love Sanctuary and Haven but I'm afraid to get too used to them, if they would cancel Eureka they can't be safe either.


This is the only show my husband will actually stop what he is doing and sit with me to watch. We both love this show and cannot believe they are canceling this show!! They have too much reality shows, celebrity shows and downright garbage shows on television. Everytime we find a show that we both enjoy my husband will say "I wonder how long they will keep this on the air, we seem to like it so that can't be a good sign!" and sure enough it gets canceled. We will be sad to see it go next year as we have enjoyed it immensely!!


Is there nothing we can do to save this show?? Petition or anything? I love Eureka, the smart cast and the entire premise. I don't want to see it go away! :(


Hey, there, Jim G. and fans. Thanks so much for the lovely review and comments. Jim, I appreciated your perfect score for "I'll Be Seeing You" last year, but wanted to address your cliffhanger criticisms, and one HUGE misconception. First, the latter. Robert Petrovicz is alive and kicking and still the best producer in the business. The memorial was an inside joke and show of respect from our production designers. We thought it was hilarious. He's not dead. As for cliffhangers... Sometimes they feel right, and other times we've chosen to wrap things up, while leaving new questions to explore. It's all about where the story takes you. This year, we felt drawn to end things with a shocking twist. We were hoping Syfy would air Season Five in the first quarter of 2012, and Season Six in the summer. It didn't work out that way. But, hopefully, you won't be mad at us too long and you'll be back for the amazing things we have in store for the 13-episode Season Five. Not to mention our Christmas episode. Holy cow, it's so much fun. As always, thanks for watching, and caring enough to criticize. We wouldn't be here without all of you. Humbly yours, J.


I am so sad this show is cancelled! This is the most amazing and interesting show on television...ever. I loved this season finale but wish it didn't end like that! I hate huge cliffhangers on finales! Can't wait til next season!!!


I cant believe it ended like that I jumped out of my seat! being that their is one season left and then canceled OMG its like their just cutting out all the people that made the show and offing them! Now Allison may die since I am sure she did not get in the chair in time being there where so many buckles if she dies I am done. Also now Carter has to care for Allisons children and explain to her son what happened. I CANNOT WAIT till the final season is on! I think it was that chick that took over allison's body I forget her name but that is the only thing I can think of and that the senator is working for her team. I knew something was bad about her the moment I saw her.


From all I've read, yes, the show has been cancelled but will be back late winter/early spring for 8 final episodes. I'm so sad to see it cancelled. It seemed like almost every show I liked this year was cancelled! United States of Tara (now how much new & different does it take to stick around??), secret diary of a call girl, V, men of a certain age & Lie to me! But they kept crap like Burn Notice, which has the most unattractive cast of any show ever! Oh well, hopefully some of the new shows will be worth watching....


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