Zane: Tell me that's not another oxygen leak.
Fargo: it's not another oxygen leak.
Zane: You're lying.
Fargo: Big time, we're screwed.

Fargo: it says unknown caller, what do you think the roaming charges are in space?
Zane: Answer it!

Great, we'll grab the IAG plug it into the BCE and everything will be A-OK.


Carter: You did great.
Allison: My ass hurts.
Carter: I'll rub it later, you did great.

I scratched the ISS, now they will never let me be an astronaut.


Henry: It's built on the principle of the Einstein-Grant Bridge.
Carter: The bridge device? There's the gift that keeps on giving.

Grace: Did we have a launch scheduled?
Allison: No.
Carter: So not good then.

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