Fargo: I have 2,000 lbs of dragon proof riding on a flatbed truck right now.
Holly: Ok Doug, are you finished?
Fargo: Not until you say it.
Holly Say what?
Fargo: I'm sorry Doug, you were right I was wrong.
Holly: You don't ever want to have sex again do you?

Jack: Andy break open these bars.
Andy: These bars are harden carbon nanotubes, I'm not going to break these.
Jack: Then we do something else... Uh... Dig robot dig!

Jack: We need to borrow one last piece of equipment.
Andy: That sounds dangerously like conspiracy to commit a felony Sheriff.
Jack: It does; dangerously similar, but uh, this might be our last chance to find the crew of the Astraeus.
Andy: If it were my S.A.R.A.H. up there, I would do anything.

Henry: I'm sorry; I'm just astounded at what Kevin's done.
Jack: Yes, grand larceny is impressive.

Fargo: What else could it be?
Holly: Chemical exposure: A big breath of E8 nerve gas and you will be seeing Elvis driving Santa's sleigh being pulled by a team of dragons.
Carter: First we're going to deal with the dragon, then Elvis.

Holly: Really Doug, a dragon?
Fargo: You weren't here; it had the claws and the wings
Holly: That doesn't change the fact their mythical, as in..mythical!
Fargo: Mythical is just another word for not yet discovered.

Allison: What is that?
Jo: I don't know.
Fargo: Cool! I love dragons!

Kevin: I needed it, so I took it.
Jack: I'm going to pretended you said "borrow" and we are going to take it back.

Jack: Senator Wen, you have to keep searching.
Senator Wen: Sheriff Carter, you have no idea how hard this decision is for me.
Jack: Then don't make it!

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