Eureka Review: Two Scientists and a Dragon Walk In

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This week picked up right where we left off a Monday ago on Eureka, with the members of the Astraeus crew completely unaware that they are trapped in a virtual Eureka working for Beverly Barlow.

With that secret out, "The Real Thing" allowed us to see how things are going in the real Eureka a month after the launch as Henry, Jack and the town continue to look for the Astraeus.

Scientists Wired

Right off the bat, I have to give kudos to Colin Ferguson for his awesome portrayal of Jack in the real world and Carter in the virtual one. There were so many subtle things he did to make the two character the same but also slightly different. I found it easier to keep them straight as "Jack" and "Carter" in my head, given that Henry called him "Jack" and Allison was calling him "Carter" I wonder if it was intentional. 

Of course, one of the differences between Jack and Carter was Carter's homicidal nature of “retiring” anyone who realized the truth. Such as the very sad case of Dr. Holly Marten, whose sexy-geek nature put together the glitches she was seeing with the idea of being stuck in a virtual construct. While her instincts resulted in her death, it also contributed to some of the best Eureka quotes this week as well. 

In the five-season run of this show, Jamie Paglia and his team have only killed off two other major recurring characters (that I remember): Nathan Stark, the original head of GD and Allison's ex-husband; and Kim Anderson, who was Henry’s first love, killed in a lab accident. Ironically, both characters made return trips to Eureka for episodes after they passed beyond the mortal realm of Eureka. 

I would love for this to be the case with Dr. Marten, that Felicia Day would be able to make a visit in some form of dream, digital image, etc. Sadly, knowing that this is the last season and Day has been promoting her appearance on Supernatural, I’m guessing it won’t be the case this time.

If Holly's death wasn't a big enough shocker, how about the revelation that Senator Wen was the traitor behind the launch malfunction AND was the one who pulled the plug on Dr. Marten?!? I always knew she had an agenda, I just didn’t see her working with Beverly as part of it.

Speaking of Beverly, I still think she needs to pay for her continued meddling in the affairs of Eureka. However, she has continued to value life and argued against retiring Marten, so she earned a little reprieve from my hate. However, Senator Wen needs to be dropped into an active volcano!  

Finally, now that Jack, Henry and the rest of Eureka knows that the crew of the Astraeus are on Earth, I don’t expect this storyline to extend very much more. I know many fans were wondering if it was going to encompass the whole season, I'm pretty sure it won't and I'll be glad when it’s over and Jack and Allison can be together again.  

What do you think? Think Allison and Jack will be able to get past this once they are reunited? 


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how can i conect with eureka


i'm so upset they killed Holly. why?? i would have rather they got rid of allison blake! shame. oh well maybe they're getting rid of the best characters so we don't care much about the show ending.


How many people realize that not only is this an alternate timeline as caused by time travel to 1947 but it's actually an alternate alternate timeline as caused by Henry saving Kim and sending Jack back from 2010 to 2006 to stop Henry from saving Kim, only Henry is aware of the real timeline.


For those of you asking about Felicia Day [Holly] and commenting on her needing to have her own show, she already does. Also, her story line came to a close. It sucks that now Fargo has to deal with yet another lost relationship, but "Holly's" brains got the best of her in the end... I'm sad to see her go, but now she can keep making more awesome music with the rest of "The Guild" cast. :D


Holly isn't dead in the real world. Gotta remember that they are still in a changed reality. Expect the five of them to meet up with the scientist from the 1940's again and eventually wind up in the real time and place where they started. Then Doug can meet Holly, get married, have get the idea.


Holly was a good character...Fargo will move on and find love again...but I think he should grieve at least a few shows before getting all peppy again.

Avatar reports that the actor who portrayed Holly was already committed to another project before she even began working on Eureka so they were limited in the amount of time they had with her from the get-go.


I am still watching the show, but pretty much gave up on it when they went back to 1947...alternate time lines in the sci-fi equivalent of jumping the shark. I am hoping in the last episode that Jack finally cannot avert the global catastrophe de jour brought on by the geeks and everybody dies a horrible death. They can make in happen on Dec 21st and work in a whole Mayan end of the world story line. fade to black...roll credits...add another spin off of ghost hunters as the network fades from my consciousness.


does anyone know for sure that holly is dead? is she really off eureka for good? from what i can tell, no one knows for sure. do i really have to wait until the next couple episodes and aired?


Guys...remember...we're not in the real time line! Holly is alive and well back there and will be seen again I'm sure.

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Eureka Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Jack: Senator Wen, you have to keep searching.
Senator Wen: Sheriff Carter, you have no idea how hard this decision is for me.
Jack: Then don't make it!

Grace: Doesn't seem real, everything that's happened, does it?
Allison: No