Carter: Do I have to lick the lock?
Holly: You can if you want, but that would be really weird.
Carter: Someone stick her in front of a cartoon!

I'm a felon, you're a grunt with a gun; how about we screw some expectations.


Holly: Huh.
Carter: What "Huh"?
Holly: It looks like the bank will return to normal mass long before it hits the ground. I need to check my math.

Henry: Jack be careful, the building maybe unstable.
Carter: Noted, unstable bank, [mumbles] but, what bank is'nt?

Fargo: Why don't I get to choose my own partner, I am the boss.
Lupo: Out here I'm the boss, [drops rope] jump rope Suzy.

[answers phone] Hey Andy, let me guess a quantum run-away something or other... Someone what? I'll be right there..[hangs up the phone] someone robbed A BANK! Yeaaaaaaah!


What kind of mathematician can't get to FIFTY!


Holly: Just think they will get to see things we have only imagined through probe energy and spectroscopic data.
Fargo: Assuming they live that long. That guy hasn't run for anything since our Warcraft guild elected a new secretary.

Holly: Have you seen this?
Fargo: I did just give it to you.

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