The whole world is on pins and needles people. Find out what caused this.


You only need to worry about one penis. I need to worry about them all.

Olivia [on her daughter, to a colleague]

Nicole: I think God did this.
Mark: Why?
Nicole: To punish us.

I was drinking again, in my flash forward. And in my head, I knew it wasn't just a one-time thing.


Even if this future stuff is real, maybe it's a blessing in disguise... Ghost of Christmas future crap.


I was drinking again. The anxiety, the shame, it was all back.


What if I didn't see anything because six months from now I'm gonna be dead?


I saw a glimpse of my future and everything's changed for me now.


Mark: What did you see?
Olivia: I was with another man... I've never seen him before.

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