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Damien: What are you like secret royalty?
Rachel: Yeah, I'm Princess Khaleesi from the House Targaryon.

Carmen: I'm more comfortable in like, bars.
Rachel: I'm more comfortable in St. Bart's but I work here.

We don't have to believe in psychics. We just have to know the law.


Curbside law, Pindy. Indoor furniture found outside is deemed abandoned and free to take.


Rachel: People fear what they don't understand. Around the office, they call him the devil.
Damien: It's because my first name is Damien.

It's so soft. It feels like I'm sitting on a giant bunny rabbit, that I'm not allergic to.


Wow, a white couch. Really, here in the splash zone at Sea World?


The last time you guys bet her you ended up nude on TV.


Not hitting people's why I became a lawyer.

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