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"Wow. So your settlement offer is to not be mean to her?"


I can't tell if Jennifer's delusional or has the most inflated self esteem ever.


If you walk through this world knowing that you're beautiful other people will know it too.

Bash: You knew she wasn't pretty.
Damien: Depending on the time of night, she's last call pretty.
Franklin: Yeah, in Alaska.

Damien: It's a luxury and lifestyle magazine. It's for men so you guys probably haven't heard of it.
Franklin: Really? You want to go there mister manis and pedis on Saturdays.

Franklin: I went on a vision quest and had sex for 12 straight hours on a mountain top on Joshua Tree once. I would have kept going but we were surrounded by coyotes.
Pindar: Is any of that true?
Franklin: I went to Joshua Tree once.

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