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-Jennifer, an average looking woman, believes she was fired because she was too beautiful. Franklin & Bash bet Damien that they can win the case.

-Turns out Katherine Mack fired Jennifer because she was jealous of the attention her father, Big Mack paid Jennifer. Big Mack offers to settle and hire Jennifer back as his assistant.

-The system's offline at the man cave when their server crashes and Gene, their tech guru can't help because he's being accused of stealing a rabbit from a grocer in Chinatown. When Franklin & Bash make things worse, Gene must get a hearing with the Chinatown council.

-Infield wants to defend Gene in front of the council. He figures out that Gene was at the store because he is in love with the owner's daughter. When the daughter comes forward, the father drops the charges.

-Gene fixes the system problems at the man cave and the party confines.

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