When I met with John from Shane State the other day, I thought about how nice it might be to work with adults for a change.

Coach Taylor

We got Riglet #2 coming to a theater near you sometime soon. This is good stuff!

Billy Riggins

Hastings: You're benching Vince? Why?
Coach: Because Hastings, just like in real life there's still rules on this team. Unlike real life? Nobody's above the rules on this field.

Vince: You're trying to mess up my future.
Coach Taylor: There you go running that mouth again, you wanna try for two weeks?

You're benched for Friday.

Coach Taylor [to Vince]

Becky: Were you planning this?
Mindy: Planning it in the sense that Billy came home like a whiny horny 8th grader and climbed on top of me and then passed out on top of me and smelled like nachos the whole time, that kind of planning it.

Matt: It's all gonna be alright, we'll figure everything out, okay?
Julie: I love you.
Matt: I love you too.

I've wanted to do that ever since you first showed up.

Matt [kissing Julie]

We're done, jackass, we're through.

Jess [to Vince]
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