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All My Circuits is brought to you by Robo Fresh. Designed by a robot for a robot.


I don't know, I don't want to pay for an extra dimension we're not going to use.

</i> Fry

Bachelor Chow, now with flavor!


Bender: Nothing. I guess I'm just going to have to get used to being half a robot.
Fry: Aw, this isn't right. Listen, Bender, if we found your antenna could they still reattach it?
Bender: Maybe. If we get it on ice right away.

Human Friend: You're my best friend. I'm sorry I treated you so badly.
Calculon: Apology accepted. After all, you're only human.
Leela: You guys could learn a lesson from those two.
Fry: She's right.
Bender: You're my best friend, Fry, I'm sorry I treated you so badly.
Fry: Apology accepted. After all, you're only human.

Fry: Bender! You're blind-stinking sober!
Bender: That's right! I'm sober and crazy and I don't know what I might do!
Fry: Don't do it!
Bender: I don't know what it is yet.

Leela: Your best friend is out there somewhere destroying himself.
Fry: Really? I didn't think he'd miss this apartment that much.

Leela: I can't just stand by and be silent about Bender anymore.
Fry: Silent? You've been meddling for two solid weeks.

Leela: Look at that five o'clock rust. You've been up all night not drinking, haven't you?
Bender: Hey. What I don't do is none of your business.
Leela: Please, Bender. Have some malt liquor. If not for yourself then for the people who love you.
Bender: I hate the people who love me and they hate me.

Fry: Don't girl me with that girl stuff. Bender and me are guys. Guys don't have feelings.
Leela: Bender's not a guy, he's a robot.
Fry: Same thing.

Leela: Fry, you're Bender's best friend. How could you let that mob kick him out?
Fry: Ah, come on. Bender loves mobs.
Leela: Only when he's in them and you know it.

What up?

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