Sorry, I hooked up with Bender last night. Dude was all over my snooze button.

Alarm Clock

You can't simply know something by assembling a committee of words! That's it! I'll assemble your comittee!


On the whole, Earth society is useless, but they do have these things called antique rugs that are great for peeing on.


Amy, technology isn't intrinsically good or evil. It's how it's used. Like the Death Ray.


Hermes: Push harder, Bender.
Bender: I can't. You should have called my cousin, Turner.

Amy: You called my thesis a fat sack of barf, and then you stole it?
Cat: Welcome to academia.

He isn't dead! He's one of those dog-operated puppets that's been adapted for use by a cat!


We're not building something sinister if that's what you're implying. Now come on, something sinister won't build itself!


Aww! Its anus looks like an asterisk.

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