Kif: And she doesn't even want to cuddle any more, she just wants to hit me with various chairs.
Fry: You're lucky. I can't even get Leela to verbally abuse me.

Fry: Bender, you wanna go out and do something?
Bender: Oh, so now I'm your last resort booty call, huh? Okay, let's go!

Leela: Professor, there's nothing wrong with Nectar. It's all natural.
Professor Farnsworth: So are carrots, but you don't see me injecting them between my toes! [Lights up carrot, smokes it]

Well, we lost to all our opponents. Even that team that turned out to be us in the mirror.


And so began the fight career of two skimpy outfits and the feisty women who filled them. And though sometimes they got beaten, other times they got beaten badly. But just when it looked like they'd never win, they didn't.


Yay, they can move their arms! Congratulations to our gutsy, non-paralyzed challengers!

Abner Doubledeal

Leela: Amy, remember when we tried out for the Rockettes?
Amy: And we failed because we accidentally kicked those two Rockettes to death? Yeah, why do you bring that up? Oh!

This is hard! Now I know why butterflies are always so grouchy!


It's when women are polite to each other that you know there's a problem.

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