Fry: Mmm, what smells saturated?
Amy: Deep fried ice cream sandwich wrapped in frosting and lightly baconed.

As I told you on Suckerpunch Day, I'm through being a chump!


Linda: Tonight at eleven.

Amy: Is it possible to get everyone back to normal using four or more bodies?
Professor: I'm not sure. I'm afraid we need to use... math!

A floor? We live like Kings!


Bender: I have everything I ever wanted: money, wealth, riches...

We're just the people this mind-switcher was made for by us!


Professor: As a man enters his 18th decade, he thinks back on the mistakes he made in life.
Amy: Like the heaps of the dead monkeys?
Professor: Science can not move forward without heaps!

Of course, it would all require split second robot timing. That's where I come in. You see, I own a watch.

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