Now let's tell these vicious lies and get back to our sacred vows!

I will shove you in a filthy nursing home so fast, you won't know what hit you! Probably a filthy nurse!


Kif, I'm bored. What's say you go out on the wing and pretend you're a gremlin?

Why can't you just let me be happy? After all these years, I'm going places I've never been - and having sex there!


Leela: It's time to get on with your life.
Morris: But she was my life:
Bender: Awww.
Fry: [silence]
Leela: [silence]
Bender: What?

You know, without your mother, the sewer is a dank and dismal place.


Leela: The truth is, I once slept with him. A few times.
Munda: I know, he showed me the commemorative painting.

Zapp: Now watch, Kif, as I score a diplomatic coup by congratulating the admiral in his native tongue!
Kif: Last time you tried that, the Mexican restaurant declared war on us! I beg you, just use the translator.
Zapp: Kif, just trust me for once. [speaks in alien language]
Translator: I'd like to spank your sister with a slice of bologna.
Zapp: Heheh. Oops.
Kif: It's the Battle of Paco's Tacos all over again!

But let me just say, my beautiful wife Munda has been by side. Even that year my side mutated into some kind of venomous radish!

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