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Sam: Exiling yourself to Dalton won't fix anything.
Blaine: I just want to stop feeling like a bad person.

[to Sam] It was a guy that friended me on Facebook. And I went over to his place because I felt like Kurt was moving on with his life and I wasn't a part of it. And I got to thinking that maybe Kurt and I weren't meant for each other, that we weren't supposed to spend the rest of our lives together. But the horrible thing is, right after I did it, I knew we were.


I don't smell raspberry hair gel. Does anyone know where Blaine Warbler is?


Jake: My whole life I've never felt like I fit in. Not anywhere
Ryder: Why?
Jake: I'm half white, half black, half Jewish. And just in case I forget, someone always reminds me.

Finn: Does this have to do with Kurt?
Blaine: Everything in this room reminds me of him. We were a dynamic duo in here. Kurt was my anchor. And now that he's gone, I feel like I'm floating.

Finn: Clearly you two didn't take anything from my last assignment, so I'm gonna give you a new one.
Jake: Will it also be lame?
Finn: Ignoring you.

[to Jake and Ryder] My goal was to bring you two together, not to have you guys dress up and karate chop each other in the face.


Jake: Hold on. Did you seriously just call yourself 'Megastud'?
Ryder: It's my alter-ego.
Jake: So your superhero of choice is to be me?

[to Coach Beist] I think it's just that the glee club just doesn't see me as an adult. Ugh, god, is that what coffee tastes like? How do people drink that?

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