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Thank you for the coffee. And the making out? Pretty hot.


Are you gay? Because most of the show choir directors I make out with are gay.

Ms. Corcoran

It's like watching beige paint drop... I want a look that's so optimistic, it could cure cancer.

Ms. Corcoran

I'm engorged with venom, and triumph.


You may be two of the stupidest teens I've ever encountered - and that's saying something. I once taught a cheerleading seminar to Sarah Palin.


We know our Romeo and Juliet romance will be an issue. But our true respect for each other's talent will carry us through.


Emma: I haven't been intimate in a very, very long time.
Will: How long?
Emma: Ever.

Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?


You buy us dinner and we make out in front of you. It's like the best deal ever.

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