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Something went down at that school, and it has something to do with you. Someway, somehow, the kids are still shaken up. No one feels safe. Set the record straight. We need you Coach Sue.


Blaine: I'll admit. I rejoined the Cheerios with the sole plan of destroying you from the inside.
Sue: Admirable.

Dear journal, I speak to you now not as Sue Sylvester, world class coach and educatrix, but as Sue Sylvester, freelance champion.


We're so focused on being plugged in to the Twitterverse and the blogosphere that we don't appreciate what's actually right in front of us and I think that that's just sad and lame.


The last thing I want to do is pay 30 grand a year to get a degree for doing something that I'm already freaking Wonder Woman at.


[to Ryder] How can you pick an online fantasy over an actual fantasy?


You're so talented, Santana. You're like the most talented person I know, obviously with the exception of me and Kurt, but your voice, it's electric!

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