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It's not the broken dreams that break us. It's the ones we don't dare to dream.


I was afraid to admit it because I was afraid of failing. But I'm not scared anymore.


Brittany thought of it. She gets an idea once every couple years and, lucky for us, this was a good one.


Sue: Her chagrin is limited only by the fact that she has a brain the size of a toddler's fist.
Brittany: I can show you the MRI.

I believe in you and what you can become.


It tastes just like a chicken testicle.

Brittany [on a bull's testicle]

I came up with an idea that will make you Snooki famous, but not without all the blackout drinking.


I'm gonna be famous if it's the last thing I do.


Two dudes in one bed is, like, confirmed gay.

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