Gossip Girl: Rubies are red, hydrangeas are blue. Chuck' given his heart away—
Dan: Wow, he's good.
Gossip Girl: But guess what, Blair? Not to you.
Blair: Shut up Humphrey.

Chuck: Look, you put family before all else. I can't do that. My father was never there for me. My mother abandoned and then betrayed me. My uncle is my worst enemy. But maybe your father isn't as perfect as you think.
Raina: What are you saying?
Chuck: He's the reason I went after Lily. He pitted me against her.
Raina: So you're trying to turn me against him?

Blair: I'm looking for Chuck. What is this place?
Dan: Ah. He built it for Raina.
Blair: Oh. He's pretty serious about that game.
Dan: I don't... I don't really think it's a game.

Serena: Blair. I can't believe you ambushed me. And why? For a leg up at work? Is your career really more important than our friendship.
Blair: Obviously you don't think my career is important at all, since you forced Reina to back out just so you didn't have to be alone on Valentine's Day.
Serena: That's not why I did it. I had a good reason.
Blair: You can't stand that I'm getting successful while you're flailing around with 15 hours of class and an ex-con.

Chuck: You think Raina will keep you on that pedestal once she learns what you've done?
Russell: Go find out. I think you know how much family means to Raina. Just as she now knows how little it means to you.

Now that Lily's been ousted from the board it's just you and me. And as much as I like you, I think I'll like dismantling Bass Industries even more.


Chuck: We both know you're a socialite, not a businesswoman. You traded musicians for titans of industry. Upgraded from a tour bus to a corporate jet. I'm sorry, but I had to.
Lily: I've done nothing but tried to salvage that company for you. I stepped in so Jack wouldn't take it away. And every day since I have fought for your future. If we had stuck together on this, we would have won.
Chuck: It looks like I did anyway.
Lily: No you haven't, Charles, you've lost. And I'm not talking about Thorpe.

Nate: You realize you're the worst wingman ever.
The Captain: That may be so, but I hope you'll realize I'm trying to be a good father. I came here tonight to find Russell, say hello, and hand him my resignation.

If you'll excuse me, I have a Valentine's vendetta to exact.

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