[to Vanessa] Look, I don't know if you're joking or if Lenny made brownies from your floor again, but I'm kind of in the middle of something, so we'll talk later, alright?


For Georgina Sparks, love is always a battlefield.

Gossip Girl

There are songs that make us want to dance, songs that make us want to sing along.

Gossip Girl

Ooh, ooh 'Love Child.' Things didn't get any easier. Guess we might want to move the honeymoon suite to the 'Heartbreak Hotel.'

Gossip Girl

Looks like this wedding song just became 'Stormy Weather.' But don't worry, 'Here Comes the Sun.'

Gossip Girl

The only no I want to hear is if Ruth Madoff asks for an invite.


Blair: What is this? It's wonderful!
Chuck: Buntautuk. I learned it from a master in Chiang Mai.

[to Lily] That was by far your best wedding. Who would have guessed nine months later Klaus would have Auf'ed?


I knew I let you kids watch The Parent Trap too many times.

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