Louis: I want the truth.
Chuck: If you can't trust Blair to tell you the truth you've got bigger problems than me. All I'll say is, get used to it. Blair is nothing without her secrets.

Chuck: Your highness. You'll forgive me if I'm too busy to bow.
Louis: I don't appreciate the sarcasm. Or for that matter, anything else about you.

Eleanor: Princess Sophie. Welcome to our tasteful and appropriate home.
Sophie: Thank you.
Cyrus: Now I'm a hugger. Hope you don't mind!

Jack: And all this time I thought you hated Bart because of his sunny personality.
Russell: I see you've spoken with my daughter.
Jack: And apparently you haven't.
Russell: No, She's holding on to some anger about this whole situation.
Jack: Can't say I blame her. Doesn't mean I want to do business with her.
Russell: Which is why you called me.
Jack: What Reina's proposing suits me fine. It's just, your daughter's history with Chuck, Nate Archibald crashing our meeting looking like he just ran away from home. The whole thing feels messy. Juvenile.
Russell: I couldn't agree more.

Sophia: New York is always so grey. Even in the spring. And the angles everywhere, they are so... harsh. I'll be happy to be back in Monaco.
Blair: The Glenn Ligon America exhibit at the Whitney is definitely worth the trip. There's nothing grey or angular there. Except for the building.
Sophia: I think I've had my fill of your city's ugliness for this trip.

Rufus: Hey. Your mom called and she was concerned that you were due for a refill on your medication, didn't get it.
Charlie: Shoot. I was so excited about going to the fundraiser tonight with Dan that I forgot to pick it up on my way home. I'll go right now.
Rufus: I already did. Ah, your mom told me that last time things went well you stopped taking it.
Charlie: And then they went from well to hell. Trust me, I never want that to happen again.

Nate: What the hell?
Raina: Nate. I'm sure you know Jack.
Nate: Yes, unfortunately I do. But why do you?
Jack: I'll be in touch to discuss details. {to Nate} I should have known you'd still be dining on my nephew's leftovers.
Nate: You brought in Jack Bass?

Raina: You must be Jack. Thank you for getting here so quickly.
Jack: It was nothing. Your father and I go way back. Which won't stop me from inviting you to have this little chat somewhere more comfortable. Like your hotel room.
Raina: I see the Bass family resemblance.

Cyrus: So. Here comes the future princess! Now. What does that make us I wonder.
Blair: Well. As of now, nothing. In choosing me, Louis gave up his succession rights.
Eleanor: Well fortunately we are here to throw you an engagement party so hopefully we can fix that.

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