Is that a bong, mother? I didn't take you for a stoner.


Dan: A ball?
Rufus: Haven't you heard? You're sister's Cinderella.
Dan: And let me guess. You're wicked step-sister is Blair Waldorf.

What was it we say about appearances? Yes, they can be deceiving. But most of the time, what you see is what you get.

Gossip Girl

Blair: What is Nate doing? He's supposed to go find Kati and Is. It's getting late and I'm losing heat.
Chuck: Well you look ravishing. If I were your man, I wouldn't need clues to find you.

Dan: Serena, hey.
Serena: What are you really doing here, Dan?
Dan: What am I doing here? I ran across the city, I rent a tuxedo, I stole this mask from some drunken kid only to look like Robin, I conned my way in here all to see you. I care.
Serena: Well, you didn't seem to care this morning when you were with another girl and lied about it.

Vanessa: You said you love me.
Dan: Loved you. In the past, in the pre-shaving sixteen-year-old kind of way. You know, things have changed.

Jenny: Everything okay?
Serena: I'm not sure. Dan surprised me by showing up here.
Jenny: Well, go Dan!
Serena: Yeah, except then he threw me through a loop by chasing after some girl named Vanessa.
Jenny: No, V's Dan's best friend.

Serena: I hear the Ice Capades are coming to town.
Dan: If you're there, so am I.

All I wanted was for us to start over. And you didn't even try.

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