Rufus! We found leg warmers! No, I'm not drunk.


You might be Upper East Side blue blood and I might be Florida bohemian, but at bottom the Rhodes sisters are still badasses from the Valley.


Blair: Well. I just did recently have a moment of perspective myself. But thankfully I didn't have to go to an ashram to have it.
Epperley: What happened?
Blair: I kissed someone. And it was truly a life-changing experience.
Epperley: Do tell.
Blair: I just did. That was it. But the point is, that one kiss changed me.

Blair: Those Setters are better-looking than the Suttons.
Epperley: Oh... but they love each other anyway. Just proving that everyone has their soul mate.
Blair: Yeah. Did you join a cult in Bali?

Okay, well I'm not letting you go home until you spend a day with me. Let me show you this world and you can decide for yourself what you think of it. We'll start with Barney's and then work our way back to InterMix.


Cece: Boys, William may have a solution.
Rufus: Imagine that.

Serena: Charlie, oh my god! Well, Charlotte! Oh my gosh! Your mom didn't tell me you were here.
Charlotte: That's because she doesn't know.

Uh oh, Lily. It looks like instead of being on the pages, you're about to have the book thrown at you.

Gossip Girl

Lily: I can't believe you asked Carol here without clearing it with me first.
Cece: What's to ask? You're her sister! And besides, I knew you'd say no.

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