How about I turn that one-piece to a no-piece?

Chuck (to Serena)

Blair: You know what? I'm tired of this. Go ahead and tell him.
Chuck: Really? You want me to tell him how you slept with me and then faked your virginity for him?
Blair: I'll just tell him your lying. And you do you think he'll believe? You who bangs anything in his field of vision. Or me, his pure and honest girlfriend of many years.
Chuck: I know he'll believe me.
Blair: Why?
Chuck: I have proof.

Blair: Hey, let go of me, Bass!
Chuck: Drop your Archibald habit first.
Blair: You know I already have.
Chuck: Really? A kiss does sort of send the wrong signal. Let's not waste time denying.

This just in; St. Jude's has a new policy. An eye for a lie!

Hey, last time I checked, I still owed you a black eye. So, unless this is you coming to claim it, stay away from her.

Dan (to Chuck)

You have no idea who you're dealing with.

Blair (to Vanessa)

Blair: So what did you do with Chuck's money, anyway?
Vanessa: I may have started a grant for teenagers with genital herpes. In his name.

Hear those Silver Bells? It is Christmas time in the city.

(about Blair) Looks like Daddy's girl isn't made of sugar and spice and everything nice after all.

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