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Rebecca: I'm telling you, the hole has to be deeper or it will come up after the first rainfall.
Ashleigh: Please say you learned that from a scary movie.
Rebecca: Ok...

It's an exciting way to start out the new semester. You've got a boyfriend. I'm single. We're arsonists.


Cappie: How about I go as the big bad wolf and you can go as the grandma.
Casey: Um, the whole reason that sororities throw parties is so girls can look hot and slutty, not old.

Casey: I burned down the Gamma Psi house.
Cappie: What?
Casey: After Songfest, we went over there to find Katherine's clipboard, but it was dark so Rebecca lit a jasmine candle, and then hot fireman confirmed it was us, and we got away with it until Ashleigh kept the clipboard and you can't put it in your trunk because of Scrubs, so we buried it and I lost my tiara!

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