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PRESTON: "Why are you acting like the sky is falling?"
CRISTINA: "The sky isn't falling. It already fell. George knows."
PRESTON: "I was in surgery for 14 hours yesterday and no tremor."
CRISTINA: "Yeah, with me by your side ready to jump in."

MR. O'MALLEY: "Hey Izzie! Honey, this is Izzie."
MRS. O'MALLEY: "Oh yeah, one of the girls that lives with Georgie... and some kind of set-up there."
MR. O'MALLEY: "It's not some kind of set-up. It's what they do these days. Men and women live together without being... you know, men and women. It's like a neural thing."
MRS. O'MALLEY: "So nothing sexual?"
GEORGE: "Mom!"
IZZIE: [laughs] "No, nothing sexual."

JANELLE: "The doctors... hot men... they're all really hot... they are, aren't they? It's not just cause I'm wearing a plate glass window?"
ADDISON: "Nope, they're man candy."
JANELLE: "Good..."

"Preston Burke. Back from the dead. Can't say the same for your patient."


"Hey. So you and Meredith were having on of your 'we're best friends, we're so cool' secret-time things? Sorry, I'm cranky. Candy stripin' makes me so cranky."


CRISTINA: "How's your Dad?"
GEORGE: "His surgery's today."
CRISTINA: "You have nothing to worry about.
GEORGE: "I'm not worried. Not anymore."
CRISTINA: "What do you mean by that?"

MEREDITH: "Cristina, you don't jog. We don't jog."
CRISTINA: "Has George said anything to you?"
MEREDITH: "About what?"
CRISTINA: [pauses] "I jog sometimes. Without you."

CRISTINA: "What if Derek robbed a bank?"
CRISTINA: "Say Derek was robbing a bank and while he was in there, you were waiting outside because it was your job to drive the getaway car."
MEREDITH: "Why would Derek rob a bank?"
CRISTINA: "Just go with me. Please?"
MEREDITH: "Okay, Derek's robbing a bank."
CRISTINA: "And he gets caught, but no one knows you're involved, 'cause you were driving the car."
MEREDITH: "Okay, Derek's in jail and I'm in the mystery car. What's the question?"
CRISTINA: "Would you turn yourself in? Or would you stay quiet and let Derek go down for a robbery in which you were a complicit participant? Or would you stand by him?"
MEREDITH: "Well, whose idea was it to rob the bank?"
CRISTINA: "I don't know. I don't know. His. But you helped? Could you live with yourself if you just walked away and let the man you love take the fall?"
MEREDITH: "If you tell me, maybe I can help. If you tell me."
CRISTINA: "No, I'll see you- I'll see you at work."

MEREDITH: "Why are you so sweaty and ick?"
CRISTINA: "I jogged here."
MEREDITH: "You don't jog. We don't jog."

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