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Alex: Shepherd's shunt went bad?
Lexie: Yeah, they had to convert to an open craniotomy. Something I'll probably never get the chance to do.
Alex: She can't handle a craniotomy.
Lexie: See even he sees it.
Meredith: No, he's not talking about you. He's talking about Izzie.
Lexie: (to Cristina) I really admire you. In case I get cut, and don't get a chance to tell you. Plus, you're really pretty.
Cristina: You can have the rest.
Lexie: (to Mer) And you and I, we were getting so close.

Meredith: Nice pin.
Cristina: His name's Mr Bear. He eats children.
Meredith: Not having fun in peds?
Cristina: Well, my kid wants chocolate pudding really badly. This is the last one.
Alex: My triple A got canceled. You guys got any surgeries I can get in on?
Meredith: Well, I'm on post op's, and she's baby sitting.
Cristina: No, I can't stand it any longer. Can't you go to the Chief and use your dead mommy connections to get some answers?
Meredith: We don't need dead mommy. We are going to be fine.
Lexie: Ok, so I let a crazy man escape and he fell down a flight of stairs.
Alex: Is it surgical?

Arizona: Hey, you know I'm working with Cristina. She's interested in peds.
Callie: No she isn't.
Arizona: Yeah she is.
Callie: Oh ok. Well.
Arizona: What, did she say something to you?
Callie: She didn't have to. She's Cristina.
Arizona: Oh ok, you're gonna have to help me out here. 'Cause I don't know what that means.
Callie: I shouldn't say anything she's my roommate.... And you're my girlfriend. Girlfriend trumps roommate. Ok, fine. She's Cristina. She's all about cardio. So, she's probably sucking up to you to get through the merger. I mean, is she good with the kids?
Arizona: Oh, she's sucking up.
Callie: Yeah.

Mark: You look crazy.
Lexie: This is partly your fault. You're the one who told me to go and act like I deserve to be here, and I did. And, now I lost a schizophrenic, and I am gonna be fired unless I find the schizophrenic.
Mark: Well, you're not gonna find him back there.
Lexie: You do not get to be charmed by this, because this is not charming. This is me getting cut from the programme. You're already amazing. I am just starting out! Ok, I have never stapled a bowel, and I have never resected an oesophagus. I am not amazing yet!
Mark: Alright. Lets just breathe. And again. (Lexie breathes deeply) Good. Look at me. Security is on this. You have become a crazy person that I do not recognise. I want Lexie back, can I get Lexie back?
Lexie: Oh god, that's him!
Mark: Just...

Cristina: Tyler Leigh came in with renal colic 3 days ago that has not resolved. We are going to be performing an extracorporeal shock wave therapy today to break up the stones in his ureter so they can pass.
Arizona: No we're not.
Cristina: Ah, yes we are.
Arizona: No we're not, cause there was no blood in his urine this morning.
Cristina: Ah, just in case you should... We should just in case.
Arizona: You wanna do a surgical procedure on a 9 year old even though it's no longer indicated?
Cristina: No, of course not.
Arizona: Ok, so Dr Yang do you want to tell the good new to Tyler and his mom?
Cristina: It seems as thought your son's stones may have passed on their own.
Tyler's Mom: He doesn't need surgery?
Arizona: Nope, looks like he healed himself. Can you believe that Dr Yang? On your first day in peds.
Cristina: No I can't actually.
Tyler: Does this mean I can eat?
Arizona: Yeah, yeah. Dr. Yang can go get you something.

Izzie: You can't do this. You can't treat me like I'm sick. My patients need to have faith in me. What are you doing?
Alex: Your wig, it was crooked.
Izzie: Ow!
Alex: Look, I'll stop hovering if you stop acting like an idiot. Your next pill's at 2 o'clock. You can't take it on an empty stomach.
Izzie: Ok.

Izzie: Ok, Mr Trinidad you shunt revision is pretty simple. It shouldn't take longer than an hour. But, I do need to go over the possible complications with you.
Alex: Dr Steven's, can I have a word.
Izzie: Ah, if you could just give me a minute here till I'm done Dr Karev.
Alex: I'm sorry, this will only take a minute.
Izzie: Excuse me.... What?
Alex: How are you holding up?
Izzie: Fine.
Alex: Did you take your meds this morning?
Izzie: Not yet but I will.
Alex: You're supposed to take them at 9.
Izzie: it's only a little after 9.
Alex: It's 10:15. Run down to her locker and get her meds. Are they in your purse?
Izzie: Yes, but you don't have to get them.
Alex: Yes you do.
Izzie: No you don't. Alex.
Alex: I swear to god if you don't go and get her pills right now, I'm gonna hurt you, and I'm gonna like it.

Olivia: I called security. They're on their way.
Lexie: Where's psych? I asked you to page them an hour ago.
Olivia: I paged them twice. If you wanna see the log book.
Lexie: No, I wanna know how a paranoid patient managed to get out of the ER. Where were you?
Olivia: I had stepped away from my desk to deal with another patient, and normally being a punching bag for the doctors is just a part of the job. But, there's a merger, and we're all being looked at, and I am not about to go down for a mistake that wasn't mine. So, if you'll excuse me, I'll page psych again.

Derek: Dr Stevens. I'm surprised to see you back so soon. You look great.
Izzie: Thank you. So do you.
Derek: How are you feeling?
Izzie: I feel great, how do you feel?
Derek: No, what I meant was...
Izzie: I know what you mean. I feel fine. I'm ready to work. Here is Mr Trinidad's latest pre op labs, I told him you'd stop in to say hello before the surgery. And, unless there's anything else you can think of that I need to know I was gonna run to get his consent forms.
Derek: That pretty much covers it. Unless anybody has any questions?
Steve: Is there anything you can tell us about the merger? Because, I'm having a baby. I mean, my wife is having a baby. I mean, resident Megan is having a baby. I mean, am I gonna lose my job?
Derek: Right now I'm concerned about my patient. You should be too.

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