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Lexie: He's still sleeping.
Bailey: Good, he needs his rest.
Lexie: Dr Bailey, I um. I was wondering if you could lie. If, if you could lie to the transplant board and tell them that he's been sober for a year. Um, they trust you. They'll listen to you. And, maybe then he could, he could get on the list.
Bailey: Dr Grey, I have 15 other patients all waiting for liver transplants. 15 people in an untenable situation. None of whom drank themselves into it. So no, I will not lie. Not for you, not for anyone. Do you have any other questions I can answer?

Izzie: Babe, you've got some dirt on your neck. Right there.
Meredith: That's not dirt. That's a tick. Ew.
Alex: Get it.. get it off me.
Cristina: Oh, is that a tick.
Izzie: It is a tick.
Meredith: It's a tick.
Izzie: Look at it, it's all swollen.
Alex: Get it off me now please.
Cristina: It's having lunch too.
Meredith: No!
Alex: Somebody take it off!

Izzie: Why are we eating lunch in a room full of diseased organs?
Meredith: We are hiding from Lexie and her big, sad, I love my daddy eyes. Because, I can't take it anymore.
Cristina: Oh, is little Grey not a match? (Mer shakes her head) Oh, Damn. There goes my transplant.
Alex: Nice try. It was my transplant.
Izzie: Are you gonna get tested Mer?
Meredith: No. I barely know the guy.
Cristina: You might as well just get tested.
Alex: You could regret it if you don't do it.
Cristina: He may be a drunk deadbeat, but he gave you the ultimate gift.
Alex: The gift of life.
Izzie: You guys are sick. You really are, you're sick. Don't listen to them, Mer. They just want a surgery.
Cristina: Mama needs to cut.

Meredith: Is he dead?
Lexie: No.
Meredith: Oh.
Bailey: We rushed Dr Grey's labs. She wasn't a match.
Meredith: Oh, ok. What about Holly?
Lexie: Ah, you... Molly. Our sister?
Meredith: Yeah.
Lexie She lives at an army base with her husband in Bahrain. Plus, she has a history of DBT so she can't be a donor.
Meredith: Oh.
Richard: Meredith, we didn't call you here to... We thought you should know before we go in and tell him. Just incase.
Meredith: Right. Right, no. Thank you for keeping me in the loop. Thank you. I have to um, go prep for my surgery now. Ok.

Meredith: Biology, it's crap. Utter crap. DNA, RNA. It doesn't make someone your family.
Cristina: It does actually.
Meredith: He needs a liver transplant. Lexie volunteered like she just got asked for a dollar bill. I left the room. He's not my father.
Cristina: Wait, your dad needs a transplant?
Meredith: Ooh! Maybe not, maybe he's dead this time.

Owen: Are you whoring yourself out for surgeries?
Cristina: Oh shut up. You forced me into it!

Cristina: Hey, watchya lookin for?
Shadow Shepherd: Excuse me?
Cristina: Oh, I could help but notice you have no resident on your de-compressive laminectomy. Well, today's your lucky day. Cause I'm available.
Shadow Shepherd: Yang, right? I heard you were hardcore into cardio.
Cristina: I can be hardcore into anything you want.

Mark: Look at you coming in on your day off. Trying to get into the OR?
Lexie: Yeah, I'm gonna give my dad a piece of my liver. He has end stage liver disease. He needs my liver, so I'm giving him some. Go ahead Steve.
Mark: Woah, woah, woah. Wait a minute.
Lexie: What is your problem?
Mark: Well, my problem is you don't just jump into something like this without thinking about it. Take a couple of days. We'll talk.
Lexie: What is there to talk about?
Mark: It's major, life threatening surgery.
Lexie: Ok, my dad needs a transplant Mark.
Mark: I get that, but what you need to understand...
Lexie: No, I don't think you get it at all.
Mark: You know what I don't get. We're together, we live together, we need to decide these things together. You can't just go under the knife and leave me a note.
Lexie: Well, I, I would have paged you.
Mark: I'm your boyfriend Grey.
Lexie: He's my dad.
Steve: Ok, a little pinch.

Callie: Ok, one more time. You'll the Chief real cranky, and in a bad mood. And, I'll be Callie asking for her job back.
Arizona: You are Callie.
Callie: Right, so it works.
Arizona: You said that yesterday. And the day before that. And the day before, the day before that. So, are you gonna do this.
Callie: Hey, it is not easy to ask for your job back after you told your boss to go screw himself over this entire hospital. It's humiliating.
Arizona: So, you're not gonna do it.
Callie: What... what is the point? He already fired me once. He's not gonna hire me back now just because of the merger. Whatever. Maybe being a surgeons overrated. I could be doing lots of things. I could open a daycare. Babies are cute. Ew, that one just spit.
Arizona: Calliope Torres, I don't want you to have to move to Cleveland to be a surgeon.
Callie: Ok. I'm gonna do it. Later? I... I will come back later.
Arizona: (talks to the baby) My girlfriends moving to Cleveland. Yep. Yep.

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