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Greys anatomy
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I haven't seen my husband or baby since yesterday and I don't even care because Callie blew my mind. I'm going to make the boards my bitch!


As surgeons, we are trained to consult with each other, to get opposing views. We even encourage patients to get second opinions. But why seek a second opinion when you know you're right?


You pull that crap in my OR again, I'll report you to the board.


I'm not fragile, I'm a drug addict!


Listen, Dr. Frankenstein.


How about you stop thinking you're the sun and I revolve around you.


We used to be able to look at each other and I'd feel like we were going to be ok. There is a reason we are married, Owen.


Miranda; We don't oops in my OR.

I'm watching you, Avery.


I wasn't mugged by a baby, I just don't want kids!


You know how I feel about you. You saved my life. You're a hero to me.

Patient to Miranda

Owen: We fight.
Cristina: No we don't. You yell.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Quotes

You think that true love is the only thing that can crush your heart; that will take your life and light it up or destroy it. Then you become a mother.


We are going to die out here!