Your life is a gift, accept it.


She wants everyone around her to be ordinary so she can be extraordinary.


We'd all be working under Preston Burke right now, but you screwed us out of it. Literally!


Shoot me now.


Do me a favor. Wash your laundry at home, not in my OR.


You people are trying to kill me.


Start by fixing your heart.


It's a beautiful day to save lives.


Pretty soon they are going to rename the Whipple the Grey.


Don't be late, either of you. It sets a bad example.


April: You're going to be the next Shepherds.
Meredith: Screw that, we're going to be the next Webber's.

You're my person.

Meredith (to April)

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Quotes

You think that true love is the only thing that can crush your heart; that will take your life and light it up or destroy it. Then you become a mother.


Our intentions are always pure. We always want to do what is right, but we also have the drive to push boundaries. So we're in danger of taking things to far. We're told to do no harm while we're trained to cut you open with a knife. So when we do things when we should have left well enough alone. Because its hard to admit when there's no problem to treat, to let it alone before we make it so much worse. Because we cause terrible damage.