My uncle does love his bastard son. Should he lose a second son, there will be hell to pay.

Prince Viktor

Hank: [about Adalind] She's a Hexenbiest, a witch.
Nick: In more ways than one.

[to Trubel] Wish I could have seen his face... before you cut it off.


Well, we're one key closer to...God knows what.


You know, just for the record, I did not actually kill her she impaled herself.


That was a hell of a coma you put me in bitch.


A bottle of wine would be nice for my mom, and a quart of Jack Daniels for the martyr.


You know, I appreciate the spirit, but this is not an assault.


I don’t like that no fear of death things. It’s not healthy.


You don’t realize how different you and Nick and Hank are. That you don’t judge or, more importantly, cut off our heads.


I'm not impressed!


I like pretending.


Grimm Quotes

Adalind: Don't you see what's going on?!
Renard [confused]: I thought I did!
Adalind: You *moron*! It's our daughter! She's doing this, not us!
Renard: What are you talking about?! Diana?!
Adalind: Oh, God, do you *really* think that I just all of a sudden decided you were the hottest guy on Earth and couldn't wait to take my clothes off and hop into bed with you!?
Renard [somewhat sheepishly]: Well, I am the new mayor.
Adalind: *I* didn't vote for you.

Come on let's have a brew. And, by the way, you're paying for that window.