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I'm not saying he's not a nice guy or anything, but based on what I've seen since I got into town, everything in mad at Nathan.


It's me again, Nathan. A puddle of blood just killed your cop, so you might want to get down here right away.


I can't believe I'm hearing things again, and nothing's the same. It's all new.


Duke: You know, maybe Crockers aren't supposed to live together. Like rhinos.
Wade: Rhinos?

I thought you said I was welcome here. Dad taught me to share, I guess you missed the lesson.


Lexie: Tell me, if I'm not a bartender, then what am I? Am I some kind of secret agent? Is that my job in Haven? Huh? Is that what I'm supposed to remember?
William: It's not just remember who you were, you've got to remember where you are.
Lexie: Why don't you just tell me.
William: You're not ready.

Dave: We came as fast as we could.
Vince: He an a traffic light to get us here!
Dave: Slowing down on a yellow is just a matter a matter of taste.
Vince: Not in my Montclair it isn't.

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