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Vince: Wade was activated.
Jordan: I tried to stop it, but you were right, Vince. I've been letting this town make me into a monster.

I know what Agent Howard said, alright? But we've spent our lives doing impossible things. Now we just have to do another.


Nathan: Why didn't you tell me?
Audrey: People wanted me to shoot you if I was Audrey.
Nathan: When we were alone?
Audrey: You wanted me to shoot you.

Hey, Audrey's gone. We both lost her. Whoever she is now, I just want to know you're going to take care of her. I'm going to end the troubles, Duke.


Look at this place! Duke can decorate? Who knew?


Duke: You land in that field, you realize that if anyone figures out that you're Audrey that they'll kill Nathan, so you pretend to be the person you were in the Barn - Lexie.
Audrey: I like it. It rhymes with sexy.

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