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What was once your salvation is now your doom.


Does it specify something we can do about it? A solution to suffering beyond imagination would be, you know, useful.


First you tell me to pack up and move out when you get your precious bilge pump. And then you call me, 'bring your things back.' Gah. Make up your mind, business man. Hi.


Nathan: Your Trouble's gone. Did you kill Wade?
Duke: I didn't have a choice.
Nathan: What you said before. Do you really think Audrey should kill me?
Duke: How I feel about Audrey. Oh. It's complicated. But, no. I was angry. I'm selfish, but I'm not that selfish.

Duke: You know - I liked it so much better when you hated me. How the hell did we get here?
Nathan: Get where?
Duke: I'm supposed to be the selfish one. Now all I do is put my ass on the line for the two of you. You're supposed the be the cops that protect this town, but lately the only people that you seem to be protecting are yourselves.

Nathan: Well, it's like the old Phil Collins' song, you can't hurry love.
Vince: It's The Supremes.

Audrey: Why did we wait so long?
Nathan: Haven. It's not an easy place.

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