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William: And yet I know an awful lot about you.
Lexie: About me? Like what?
William: Like, you think your name's Lexie, but it's not. In fact, you're someone else entirely.
Lexie: Congratulations. You just won a prize for the creepiest pickup line ever.

The troubles are still here because of me. Because I couldn't accept that Audrey couldn't go away. Because I couldn't bear to lose her. Because I couldn't let go, so many people were hurt. People like you.


The Guard know you never really wanted Nathan dead, even after what he did. It makes you look weak.


I don't like it here!


Audrey going into that barn; that's what should have ended the troubles.


If I was going to ditch you, I would have done it before I had to flash an orderly my boobs.


First, I need a paperclip. Second, I need my pants.


Jennifer: What? I'm not going anywhere with you. I just met you. And you're some kind of criminal.
Duke: Yes, I am a criminal. But, one with a heart of gold.

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