Julia: Listen Alan, Ilaria's planning to release a new version of Narvik worldwide.
Alan: When?
Julia: Two days, unless I can give them a viable alternative.
Alan: To genocide?
Julia: The infertility compound in Michael's apple it's the only option they'll consider.
Alan: That's the plan? Slow death of the human race, as opposed to all at once.

Julia: We know the immortality gene is the same in all of us. So why did the CSF transfer work from me to you and not you to Landry?
Sarah: I thought my spinal fluid was different from yours but they're identical.
Julia: What if it wasn't the difference in the cells themselves, but the timing of the transfer?

Julia: I've only got 72 hours until Ilaria releases the new Narvik C.
Sarah: What could Ilaria possibly have to gain?
Julia: They're not looking to profit in the short term. It's about restoring balance for the future.

Last thing the world needs is a forever Amy.


Peter: I came here to lead an investigation and now I'm persona non grata on my own team.
Anne: Change is inevitable. What I don't understand is why you allow Dr. Walker to speak to you that way.
Peter: We all say things we don't mean.
Anne: We always say what we mean at the time we say it.

Alan: Look, Dr. Kyle's not feeling very well right now.
Soren: Is he alright?
Alan: We're just being extra careful. I want you to stay away from him until we can get him some of that red sap.
Soren: But why not just bring him to the Bleeding Tree?

Kyle: What you got there?
Soren: It's from the Bleeding Tree.
Kyle: The Bleeding Tree?
Soren: Yeah, we eat it so we don't get more sick.

Alan: Ilaria have come up with a new pathogen. I'm not sure why but I...
Doreen: Aw horseshit, you and I both know that ain't the real reason you're out here.
Alan: Of course it is.
Doreen: Humor me. First you were trying to save Julia. Then, you were hunting a bunch of immortals in Paris. And now you're trying to find a cure for this pathogen. Seems to me like you're a man in search of a mission.
Alan: I know why I'm here Doreen.
Doreen: Oh I don't think you do. And you need to wake up. Wake up Alan!

Amy: I don't know that I'd let anyone do this to me without anesthesia.
Sarah: I can't tell you what to do if I'm taking a nap.

Kyle: I've seen this before, when we first arrived.
Winger: Any idea what it means?
Alan: A trail marker maybe?
Kyle: Yeah, it's a trail marker.
Alan: You have a better theory?
Kyle: Yeah there are crazies out here saying go back wherever the hell you came from.

Amy: Lies and more lies. Michael who called himself our brother fell prey to the evil words of the outsiders and now my mother is following his path.
Anne: How dare you speak to me that way?
Amy: I will speak to you in any way I like. We are no longer afraid of you and Michael.

Peter: Sarah if you leave this room you are finished with my team. Do you understand?
Sarah: It was never your team Peter, you were just keeping Alan's chair warm.

Helix Quotes

Arrived at St. Germain island from the South East. No apparent flares or signal fires. The contact is not at the rendezvous site. All signs point to the pandemic originating on this island. There are no other options, I must find a cure.


Major Sergio Balleseros: There are people in the Army, myself included, who are wondering if this outbreak was an accident.
Dr. Doreen Boyle: You think Hatake did this on purpose? Why would he do that?