Hell on Wheels

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Hell on wheels

Elam Ferguson: I'm a free man.
Cullen Bohannon: You ain't that free.

Mr. Toole: Any last words?
Elam Ferguson: I'm gonna kill your lily white ass.

The world don't care about our plans.

Cullen Bohannon

There is a price attached to everything.

Cullen Bohannon

Thomas Durant: Senator Crane has come to offer you a better life.
Cheyenne Chief: Better than what?

Don't be afraid. You are among friends.

Reverend Cole

Get off my cut.

Cullen Bohannon

Extortion doesn't become a lady.

Thomas Durant

This is my only friend.

Sean McGinnes

Tonight, I say who I am.

Elam Ferguson

Life does have its surprises.

Cullen Bohannon

Mickey McGinnes: What if, God forbid, you were to lose?
Cullen Bohannon: That ain't going to happen.

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Hell on Wheels Quotes

Daniel: You released your slaves and still fought in the war. Why?
Cullen: Honor.

Sean: Do you not believe in a higher power?
Cullen: Yes, sir. I wear it on my hip.

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