(speaking at his father's funeral in Japanese) I refuse to eulogize my father. To eulogize him is to admit he is gone. My father is not dead. Kaito Nakamura taught me right from wrong. What it means to be a hero. So long as his lessons live through me he will never die. My father taught me to understand that certain things are in God's hands. But for everything else God gave us the gift of choice. My father gave me the tools to fight the battles ahead. Every hand I extend in kindness is his hand and every blow I strike for justice is his fist. So long as the lessons he taught me stay in me and so long as he lives in my heart then my father is not truly dead.


Elle: Don't you think if push came to shove, (Bennet) would do the same to you?
Mohinder: No. I don't.
Elle: He's adorable! Can I keep him?

The truth? The truth? The truth is that our generation mortgaged our souls to protect yours. Show a little respect for that. Get over your daddy issues, and leave us be.

Angela Petrelli

Noah: I was there. When your father first brought you in. You were a normal girl. Unicorns and rainbows, and then they started the testing. The human brain isn’t built to take that much electricity. You poor girl.
Elle: My father would never let that happen.
Noah: Your father was leading the charge

(to Molly) If you wanna help, help me put the nightmare man behind us, so we can get back to normal. Okay, and just be a little girl, go to school, have fun. And I’ll be an underpaid cop. Deal


West: You don’t have to pretend anymore. The jig is kinda up, spygirl.
Claire: I’m not pretending. And I’m not a spy, I swear. I just… I’m just a cheerleader.

Noah: I need to speak to your father.
Elle: What do you think, this my first day?

Stings like a bitch, doesn't it?

Mr. Bennet

To eulogize him is to admit he is gone.

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