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Carrie: Saul, Sandy's death was no act of mob violence. It was premeditated.
Saul: What?
Carrie: The ISI killed him. Straight out.

Carrie: Quinn. This changes everything. It means I really need you now.
Quinn: No Carrie. I really can't do that.
Carrie: You know I wouldn't ask you if there was someone else I could really count on. Don't make me beg.
Quinn: I'm sorry. I can't do it.
Carrie: Please. Please.
Quinn: Shit Carrie.
Carrie: I know.
Quinn: You're the hardest person in the world to say no to.
Carrie: Is that a yes? God I fucking love you, Quinn, you know that don't you?

Carrie: She was your fiancee?
Saul: For about two minutes a hundred years ago.

Carrie: You were given a directive to help me in any way I request or require.
John: That doesn't give you the right to breeze in here and take a dump on my station.
Carrie: My station. And either you comply or I'll have the marines swing in here and put you on a plane to take you home.

I controlled myself for 12 fucking years. I lost it once. Once.


Carrie: Lockhart just gave me Islamabad. We need to get back there and get on it.
Quinn: I'm not going back there.
Carrie: What do you mean? Of course you are.
Quinn: No I'm not. Not for a while, at least.
Carrie: But I need you now.
Quinn: I can't. I'm sorry.
Carrie: Look, I know you were upset by what happened out in the street. If it wasn't obvious, so was I. Maybe it didn't seem like it at the time...
Quinn: Carrie.
Carrie: I was! You don't know what I just went through with Lockhart to sort this out. How can you
do this to me?
Quinn: Carrie, here's the thing. It's not about you.

Quinn: Could have been us.
Carrie: I'm glad it wasn't.
Quinn: Yeah, me too.

Saul: He doesn't seem that happy about it.
Carrie: Is it that obvious?
Saul: It's a funeral. People get upset.

It's not even a real country. It's a fuckin' acronym.


I tried to hold onto that and feel it, happy that you're here, but with his being gone, I can't
remember why I had you. I loved him so much. When I close my eyes, I still see him there.


Reporter: Aayan! Aayan, the CIA Chief that ordered that bombing is now dead. Does that feel like
justice? It doesn't? Aayan, people want to know what you think.
Aayan: The Americans are murderers, OK, but we did to that man, how is that any different?

Lockhart: Everything OK there?
Carrie: Give him some time. He was right in the middle of it.
Lockhart: Yeah? So were you.

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Homeland Quotes

There's a theory, men secretly fear their wives are crazy and women secretly fear their husbands are losers.


It's not even a real country. It's a fuckin' acronym.

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