House: I'll have whatever he's buying.
Dr. Wilson: Two cheeseburgers and two large fries.

House: This envelope is oddly medical license-shaped.
Dr. Foreman: House is back in charge. We get to treat a porn star.

I loved you and I loved Chase - and I feel sorry for both of you. Because there's no way back for either of you.


I'm not running away from what I did because you wanna pretend I never did it.


Lucas: I'm dating Lisa Cuddy.
Chase: Seriously?
Lucas: Cool, huh?

Chase: Why are you trying to screw things up?
House: You got the tense wrong. Things are already screwed up.

Taub: Mr. Hitler? Really?
House: I had to do something to amuse myself.

When the full horror of his homicide hits you, your marriage will blow up.


The only obstacle to you coming back is your life and she's never been much of an obstacle to you.

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